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I am Jeongsoo Kim, the founder of eMarineMart
For most of my life, I have worked in the marine industry ever since my graduation from the Korea Maritime University in 1978.

I have served in the Navy, shipping companies such as Navigator, and have worked as a developer of ship's cargo loading master computer. 
I have been a fiberglass boat builder, trailer and outboard motor repair/salesman since 1980, up until I purchased a building to build our boat-rotating sushi restaurant in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 2005.

 Jeongsoo Kim;

-Owner and Founder at eMarineMart
-Founder at QuickSushi
-Composite Technician at Advantage Engineering
-Founder at Kim's Marine Canada
-Founder at Chungmu Marina
-Marine Computer Engineer at Techmarine
-Ocean ship's Navigator in M.O.C. , Sammi and Sanko Steamship
-Deck Officer at Republic of Korean Navy
-Studied in Korea Maritime University

We are the boat country

Sookhee Kim;

-Co-owner/Master chef of Quick Sushi
-Teacher in Dongdeock U. in Korea
-Mater degree of Physical Education
-Studied in Dongdeock U.

Our unique restaurant has 29 floating/rotating boats along the hall table as well as our trademark up-side-down 30' wooden boat roof patio in front. Since 2018, my wife has been solely running the restaurant as I focused on opening the online marine store,

marine hardware

Kim's Head Quarter in Canada

Downstair: Quick Sushi Restaurant since 2005 with front up-side down patio built in 2010 .

Upstaire: eMarineMart Office and shelter

425 Cabana Rd. East, Windsor, ON Canada

Mast top view on my boat "Tacorea"

I enjoy sailing on my 25' sailboat cabin cruiser, along the Detroit river down to the Lake Erie or up to the Lake Huron, Georgian bay. My hobby is to revamp my boat, attaching the auto-pilot system, building a hard shell canopy, engine repair, bottom painting and so on.

Her name "Tacorea" comes from my grand son Liam Kwak. My daughter got the baby with my son-in-law in Texas after having Taco. Taco + Korea = Tacorea 

anti fouling bottom paint

Bottom painting with my son and wife, easy

Maintaining the boat safe and clean is a big job and very costly. Marine hardware is not cheap at the local market because it is seasonal here. That is why I frequently purchase from Florida based shops. They cost less than the local market, yet still high. They also lack variety.

My daughter and son-in-law with grand son

Late spring usually early in May, we are all so exciting to launch boat in the marina every year.

You may see where my grand son hides.

St. Clair Marine, LaSalle, ON

steering wheel

I have found that there are several marine wholesalers. They do not have a physical store, but has warehouses working with online dealers such as We are equipped with inventory automation system that will keep buyers updated with the most recent stock information. Once an order is made, the warehouses are notified automatically for prompt processing. 

We are one team;

Canada - eMarineMart on Internet platform with banking system in Montreal, QC

US - Inventory integration system team and marine warehouses in NJ and FL

UK - eCommerce software team in London

This is a very efficient system that reduces store and warehousing and system maintenance expense. 

We carry over 23,000 items now and add more in future. 

Vire 12 from my sailboat

I like to take care of my marine babies. My wife doesn't understand why backyard is always messy.

vire 12 for sailboat

Chicago boat tour with my lovely wife

We have designed online store, my life-mission, to be your one-stop discount marine source offering the largest selection of high quality marine products, from boating accessories to marine parts, at affordable prices with guaranteed quick delivery. As passionate boaters ourselves, we understand how important savings and quick delivery are for your recreational enjoyment.

There is no need to search for separate items online. On, many items can be shipped the same day, for orders made by 4 pm EST.

If there is no stock of the product you are looking for, just email us with your product inquiry to We will let you know when the item will be available.
World wide shipping is available. Please refer to our shipping policy at the bottom.

We will do our best to accommodate any problems during the process.

If you are local and have any question, stop by to visit or you can contact me via 
Skype (live:jeongsoo) or Kakao talk (id:windsorkim).
Thank you for stopping by eMarineMart Co.

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